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Ferebee Photographic: Copyright 2006-2018
Contact Ferebee Photographic

Please feel free to contact me by phone at 850-380-

4241 or email at derekfe@hotmail.com. Please call to

schedule an appointment to book a photo shoot or

preview my portfolio. If you have a wedding date in

mind, please call and confirm I am available for that


I have a BS in Art from Troy State University, and

have been photographing weddings since 1996. I

have won multiple first, second and third place

awards in various photo contests and art festivals

throughout the region. My photos have been

published internationally in newspapers and on the

internet. My photographs have also been used in

several published books: Reminiscence and

Caregiver Tools among others. You can view these

books at www.booksasmemorybridges.com


I teach photography skills to various groups in