Wedding Photography

Ferebee Photographic offers beautiful wedding photography at an

affordable price. Don’t Let a Once in a While Photographer

Photograph your Once in a Lifetime Event. Just because your friend

took a great shot of the sunset doesn’t mean he should photograph

your wedding. Uncle John or Aunt Sue may have a nice camera,

fancy themselves photographers and offer to shoot your wedding for

free, however that is not a smart way to save money.

Remember the wedding dress is worn once, the food is gone in one

day, the flowers die within a few weeks, but the photographs last

generations. Be sure to use a photographer that has the training and

experience to capture your special day.

My packages include the wedding shoot, a beautiful 8x8 or 12x12

photo album, a canvas print, and the CD of the images that you use

to share with your family. Please call me to set up an appointment

(850-380-4241) to view my past weddings and see if Ferebee

Photographic is a picture perfect fit for you.

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